Monday, 11 November 2013


Hey folks, sorry for the lack of updates over the last week or so. I just had a major drought on ideas and drive to actually get anything done. Happens from time to time, though its just a bugger that it seems to happen a lot this year!
Going to try and get a load of captions done this week so at least I can cover any further empty points, but since I'm also working on a placeholder drawing to cover such times, we can at least hope that I get something finished this week!
I do have a new story written and availble to read, once again at Rachel's Haven, and it was written for one of the lovely members there. So if you'd like something to read for a bit, head over to the library there and take a read of 'The Enchantress'.
More story pieces are in the works too, so lets see what I can produce there as well.

On another front, brought myself a bunch of new airsoft items last week. I'm now the owner of several new items of webbing (Condor Outdoor chest rig in A-Tacs AU and one of their molle battle belts in ACU digital since I had a medical pack that was sitting around doing sod all. I highly recommend Condor's stuff as it has to be some of the best designed and by far the most comfortable stuff I have come across. The belt is really comfy and super padded and also seems to function really well by itself without the need for a harness.) and one of G and G Armaments M4 gas blow back rifles. Seriously cool bits of kit and I can't wait to get them out onto the field!

So till next time (hopefully tomorrow ;) ) enjoy and take it easy sweethearts!

Thanks to the commentators over the last few captions. I always love reading what you post and its great to know that you find such enjoyment in my work :)

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