Thursday, 14 November 2013


There is no escape...

Hey everyone, sorry I didn't upload anything yesterday. The idea failure continued through most of the day and I was somewhat down in the dumps, which doubly sucks since I had a day off from work. Like getting a cold on holiday really.
Anyhoo, I had a burst of inspiration last night and managed to get a whole new load of captions done, all back on somewhat dystopian themes. I don't see the future that way though, it just makes for wide level of options for story telling. I blame my years as a warhammer 40k fanfic writer for that ;)
I have enough captions to last us into next week even with another idea failure moment, so YAY! Hope you enjoy this offering and I'll see you all for the next one!

Thanks to Ambyr and Pusywillow1950 for their comments :)

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