Friday, 15 August 2014

The Cull Laws

Because a fight to the death always needs some busty babe to spice things up a bit ;)

Wanted to try my hand at a Battle Royale type plot for a change (not Hunger Games which is just a westernised rip off despite what the author tries to say. That said, I enjoy the movies, though the books can go hang. Seriously who needs two books of some bint bitching and moaning about her fate? Might as well read Twilight instead for that sort of eye bleeding crap.) but felt the theme needed mixing up somewhat. So like most things I try my hand at, I threw in a gender change, because simply why the hell not? Kinda liked the end result actually.

Anyway, I'm off for the weekend once more, leaving either tonight or stupidly early tomorrow morning (depending on how much I can be bothered to drive for more than an hour to reach the site after work), so there won't be any caps until Sunday night at the earliest. Though if its anything like last week, I won't have the physical or mental energy to get working till about Wednesday ;)
So I'll see you all soon sweethearts! I've got rebels to gun down in a hail of government sponsored fire.

Thanks to Ian and Pusywillow for their comments :)

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