Monday, 4 August 2014

The First Roommate

There is something funny going on with the housing arrangements.....

Well I did say I felt like doing other caps around Rowan and her story in the 'Ticking The Boxes' cap I did a little while back, so during my crazed image searches of the last week or so (I have about another 1000 images on stock now and just when I was starting to clear down some folders too!!) I picked out a few to continue the story. Just what is happening down in the accommodation block?

In fact why don't you decide? Stick it down in the comments below, where you think the story will go, what other roommates Rowan will meet, and just what the housing manager is up to. The best ideas will get added to the story, so like all those 90's adventure books, its up to you to choose the path it will take!! Oh and when I say roommate, I actually mean flatmate so the place is relatively big and not just for a couple of people to be sharing together. I'm heading to a five person flat myself next month when I start at uni.

Thanks to Dawn and Ambyr for their comments on yesterday's cap :)


  1. It feels more like a sensitivity training quota instead of the usual racial one. (It's probably to society's advantage that single pregnant moms aren't in the majority)
    With that in mind, I could see someone forced into the stereotypical blond bimbo life. You know, the type who can't change a light bulb in the jokes. Probably need a den mother type too, unless that's the managers role and she's just restocking her household.

  2. Imagine a world with equal quotas for male and female breeders and long term wet nurse breast feeders with a equal quotas for male and female dominant spouses.