Saturday, 5 September 2015

Future Adjustment

Change in relationships can be a good thing...

Hey everyone! Sorry its been a while since I last put anything up on here. I ran out of my stock of caps and didn't have the inspiration to create anything else. Trying to make things now, but like anything this summer, its being a bugger to focus on things. Still I've been working on several story pieces of late and I'm looking forward to getting them completed. Steampunk lesbians are always so much fun to work with!!!

Now that we're in September, I've only got a couple of weeks till I'm off back to Cambridge and the second year of my degree and the first of my topic proper. Biomedical Science ladies and gents. My brain is going to burn!! Should be fun though time to make caps could become rarer. We'll have to see :)

Hope everyone out there is doing great right now and I'll catch you all for the next cap! Laters sweeties!!


  1. Very cool and good to see you're doing okay and about ready to continue your path to nanite creation! ;)

  2. Looking forward to your continued success and a few captions. Love

  3. Terrific cap, Kara. Nice little virus universe here.