Tuesday, 22 September 2015

This is not how I liked to wake up.

After a long night of nightmares preceded by an all day headache (due to too much watching of the Witcher 3 play through (which is still awesome by the way) and too much alcohol coupled with screaming kids from the nursery under my flat respectively) I get woken up by the repetitively pinging of my Ipad's email alert. Now I'm not a girl who gets tons of messages in any format, so since it keeps going, I already know I'm being hit by a spam attack.
So yeah first ten minutes of my day was dealing with the wave of comments this asshole decided to dump here. Not clever, not useful, and the result of copy and paste bullshit. Seriously dude get a fucking life and stop touting bullshit porn sites.

I am not a morning person........

New caps soon guys, sorry for this post. I'm going back to bed....


  1. hang in there gf, things will get better. now get some sleep :)

    1. Thanks sweetie :) I didn't get back to sleep, but coffee, breakfast, buying a new pair of boots and having my student loan for the term come through have vastly improved my day!!