Saturday, 10 October 2015

Another quick updatey thing

Hey boys girls and in-betweens! Hope you're all having a great day!

First off, thanks for all the input on the last question I posed to you all. From now on, I'll be adding the caps I make for people over at the Haven (and elsewhere if I ever join another place) to this blog to bring you some extra content.

Secondly, there is more content on the way, its just that I've been drinking most nights and thus passing out early since I got back to uni and the demands of my course have really started to suck up my time and is set to get worse as the assignments deadlines start cropping up. Trying to stay ahead of the game there, but it will take some time for me to get settled into making caps on a more regular basis again.

And finally for today. Its my 27th birthday!!!! So thought I'd post this before I get myself sorted to head out (looks like on my own because screw the people I know who said they'd come out, the fuckers!! Not that it will stop me from trying to have a good time of course ;) ) and give you lovelies a bit of an offer. As you might be aware, especially those of who have have hung around here for a long time, I tend to make an Overlady themed caption on my birthdays or any milestone this blog passes, sooooooooo for the first mmmmmmmmm ten shall we say people who comment, you guys get a cap made for you! You'll feel the touch of the Overlady in a more personal fashion ;) Just stick down what you'd like to happen to you and we'll see what the Dark Mistress will create ;)

So until the next time (i'm sober...) take it easy sweethearts!!


  1. Happy Birthday. Oh alcohol the greatest education and the must painful throbbing head of homework the next day.

  2. Happy birthday. Hope you have fun.
    As for caption request. Sexy lesbians.

  3. Happy birthday. And as a caption request, Milf bodysuits.

  4. Happy birthday. Caption request. Large breasted pregnant woman please.

  5. Happy Birthday! It's kinda funny cause it's also my Mother's Birthday today (or well, yesterday now, hehe). But yes, caption request. How about something device related like a magic remote or MAU or whatever? Pregnant is always a plus too :)

  6. Happy Birthday! Enjoy it with friends/yourself and get back to us safely.
    I'd just like a magical change brought on by the internet :D

  7. Happy birthday (and happy to see you're hanging in there)
    How about something with hypnosis

  8. Happy belated Birthday! Hope things work out well for you this year! And I guess as a caption thing something to do with heavy pregnancy? Maybe involving a curse that can't be thrown off?

  9. Happy Birthday and absolutely have fun on your own terms. Seems to be a birthday theme of pregnancy. :) I'd love one where a uni aged young man becomes a milf with emphasis on the mother.

    1. Just want to add that I would prefer the change be sci-fi or magic. I don't care much for body swaps.
      Thanks so much and hope you had some good birthday wishes

  10. Happy Birthday Kara, good to see you around and ouh dark mistress? Where did that one come from? :D

    I'm turning 27 myself in two months too!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  11. Dear Over Lady,
    If you are so kind, my most exciting fantasy that would make a special caption, is larger, dominant woman, looking at, commanding or loving a smaller, pregnant new female/forced male with milk filled breasts laying down the new order that former males will carry and breastfeed the babies and be pretty, submissive house wives for their dominant, natural biological females. Think imposition of a new Amazon order where females are larger with ovipositors that insert fertilized eggs for gestation in the male who is responsible for nurturing. So, females are free to rule, fight and deploy power as they see fit, even see males like 19th century American females etc.