Friday, 6 May 2011

Almost there with all the old ones...

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  1. Another Jars falls down the floor and ouh there is latex content in this one (with a naughty glance)
    He, he comments underway...

    1. Awoking from a pleasant dream to find another one pleasant in reality is something good ^o^
    2. So what?, she cannot get her life back, but she can now work undercover most easily ^-^
    3. It's not gonna hurt and maybe she will want to check out another book ^o^
    4. Another touch to the little mermaid that could have worked out :3
    5. Serves him right for joking so much to them, still dangerous kids >o>
    6. Just the thougth of it makes me shivers :3
    7. So What?, an army is still an army no matter which form the get ^-^
    8. There is a reason why now you are dangerous Blondie ^o^
    9. A bitch will be a bitch no matter if it's a male or a female :3
    10. We need Gaia now more than ever, and i really mean it :3
    11. Upps wrong place to end up staying, moving on ^-^
    12. What happens in Vegas, stay in Vegas, you cannot run away with the money without getting a proper punishment :3
    13. (Start to sound the music) Come M.A get on the plane, no i don't want to (sigh it seems even as a girl she is afraid of planes) ^-^
    14. Yay we have the same age 22 years old, thanks for the gift undercoming by the way ^o^

    You have bring my interest and since you make latex captions i would love one from you ^-^
    Don't feel pressured, i'm not requesting it.
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra