Friday, 6 May 2011

More old caps, just more recent ones!

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  1. There is obviously a strike in your heart for Bianca ^.^ just like mine "giggle"...
    Another jar falls down the floor...
    Commenting underway (Ok i won't lie, what stopped me here is the latexed goddess in here ^-^)

    1. This could be the beginning of a sexy villain on the loose :3
    2. There is nothing wrong at all, if she don't complain to his masters and maybe she will start to enjoy her new life ^-^
    3. He i would die for something like that to happen ^-^
    4. Yeah it's cold outside and hot warm inside, i think she is just teasing her girlfriend for a minute ^o^.
    5.Halloween can get a bit dangerous in a naughty way ^.^
    6. Who wouldn't want to get punish by the lovelies and gorgeous D Force police? :3
    7. Didn't expect that fucking genious ^o^
    8. He serves him right Kara, go all the way babe show that bastard what's the meaning of being a hot woman ^.^
    9. You know you are right, you don't want to stare at a guy's butt for hours in those rpg games or rol games :3, but i don't think it's bad to get swallowed by the game ^-^ (Favourite so far)
    10. What a lovely christmas present, your girlfriend should be grateful ^o^
    11. Guess what?, the faeries aren't bad at all once you get to know their magic :3
    12. "Sigh" there is nothing to check, you can already see she is a top gorgeous woman, sent her back to the front, enemies will think it twice the next time ^.^

    Well, you really are something Kara
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra