Friday, 6 May 2011

Another batch of captions

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  1. Ouh lots of delightful works and since you have broken the jar of sweet for our Entertainment i will comment all of them ^-^

    1. Loved the story, not so much the pic still it would make for a nice spin off of RE series ^.^
    2. Time travel trapped nice, another lovely caption this time the pic was perfect Mitch will have to learn to obey to his master :3
    3. He... things worked out in the end, not in the way she expected though ^-^
    4. She will have to learn to be the proper dog bitch :3
    5. An unexpected turn out of events, never thougt in that possibility good cap :3
    6. So he transformed into a werewoman?, nice cap
    7. Gotta love this kind of bodyswaps caps, i tried once and i didn't expected i would like them so much, but it seems once you tried you get fixated ^-^
    8. You need to be careful if you live with a mad scientist for a girlfriend :3, well if you care about it, not that this redhead will complain too much anymore :3.
    9. A girl gotta learn all the things in life, if she as a boy didn't do laundry, her girlfriend will make sure she had loads to do :3
    10. He, till she experiences she need her back ^-^ and her girlfriend will be waiting with more spells in hand (Favourite so far by the way :3)
    11. At least she is enjoying doing workouts, he crazy bitches, give them boobs and there will be nothing in there mind but that :3
    12. She had to learn to be more respectful, but i didn't thought it would take 800 years ^o^.

    Super great funny captions Elissa...
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra