Wednesday, 28 December 2011

At The Gates Of Valhalla

Like I've said before, I get strange ideas for my captions, but hey isn't that what makes me and my work so individual? ;)

Thanks to Evie for her comment on my last cap. Glad I could fulfill that fantasy for you :)

When you look at things, our community tends to cover most of the possible fantasies, at least those that could be considered more mainstream for us, but what sort of fantasies are rare or don't get covered? What are your thoughts on this? Just remember, if it isn't legal, its never going to get done. If you want that stuff, please walk into your local police station and hand yourself in. I don't have any time for that and neither should anyone else.
But enough of my mini rant there. I'd like to see what thoughts you have on the community at large, the sort of fantasies that don't get seen much, and as always, what you think of my work! Like every other creator, we don't know how good our work is if we don't receive feedback.


  1. All the time I was reading this cap I was humming, "Da da dah da dahhhh dum, da da dah da dahhhh dum, da da dah da dahhhh dum, dum de da da"

    Love the idea of sexy Valkyries swooping down to take me away to be with the Gods, and excellent use of Norse mythology.

  2. Very different and interesting cap. I notice that the same themes are used in the majority of caps. It is nice to see something unique. Biggest reason I like yours so much, they are always interesting ideas. I can't think of anything off the top of my head that I would like to see more.

  3. Since I'm coming from Denmark and being a straight decendent from the first Danish king, I believe in the Nordic tales.
    I wonder if the Valkyries would have come for me too if I had fallen in a war. However since I have never been in such battles it will have to stay a mystery.

    Great idea for a cap.I wonder if the Valkyries will have to pleasure the Gods in all eternity...

  4. Very nice work Kara! Enjoyed this new take on the Nordic myth.