Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Issues of a Mechanical Nature

Well I must offer my apologies once more for not bringing you a daily dose of captions. I had to put my main machine in for repair after managing to damage the screen a couple of weeks ago, and it could take up to 21 days for it to be repaired. Since I'm paying them over three hundred pounds for the job you'd think they could get it done faster, especially since I have to travel for nearly an hour to go and pick it up when its done!!

Oh well, that commerce for you.

Well anyways, I might be able to get some caps up, but with my main machine out of action and all my sub machines sitting on the piece of crap list for one reason or another, I really can't say for sure if I will be able to get anything to you. Still you never know.

Thanks to XF and faithuniquex for their comments on the last caption :)

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