Monday, 27 August 2012

Still Delayed

Sorry everyone, my main machine is still in for repair and although I'm hoping it will get done soon, I am waiting on the people doing it to pull their fingers out and actually do the job, so it means that the caps I had in the pipeline won't be coming and neither will any of the story pieces (for those of you who actually read my stuff) I had on that machine.

However, since its been a while since anything was uploaded by me, I'm going to see what I can come up with on my backup devices and see if they are any good to get things to you. We'll see, but please keep an eye on what goes on here as you never know when I might get stuff to you, and since I won't be heading away for work for at least another month, the chance for new material is very high!

Well so long as I don't get distracted by the veritable cascade of new games coming out.

But as a discussion point, is there anything you lot would like to see on this blog? A place to ask me questions? Posts that are longer? Multi part captions or even full written narraitve pieces or just me talking about things in general?

I'm open to most things, so please feel free to post suggestions. After all, any improvement is a good thing no matter how small!!

So until next time, play safe!

1 comment:

  1. The whole community seems to be having a really tough time at the mment with their computers giving up the ghost. Hopefully you will soon be back in business and delighting us al again.

    As you enjoy writing you could always go with creating some longer works as illustrated stories. Maybe even come up with a story divided into regular posts on the blog. It would allow you to give your creative juices rom to grow.