Friday, 26 July 2013

Baring All In The Lift

How did this happen? Well that would be telling ;)

The first of a creative burst I had last night. Why must all my ideas start flowing at stupid hours of the night? Frustrating on that count, very good on the fact that I can actually get something done!

Thanks to Ambyr and Bree McAdams for their comments :)

Ambyr: You're right, there is a whole new set of medical requirements she'll have to pay attention to now!
Bree: Really? Perhaps you'd care to explain all this down at the courthouse *puts on a security officer baseball cap and pulls out her handcuffs* Steam powered clockwork handcuffs, never had anyone escape from them yet!

Now if I can take a moment to shamelessly plug the other girls that work in this community. We all love the captions people produce, and we all have our favourite authors in this community too, making it all the sadder when some decide to leave or stop creating things, even for a short while. It diminishes everything as a whole and leaves a spot that can never be completely filled. So why not go show your favourites some love by posting comments on their captions and show them how much you appricate their work.
I'm one of the worst for this, always reading, hardly ever commenting. So let me take this chance to say that all the girls that write captions out there, people like; Mistress Simone, Caitlyn, Kelly aka SP2000, and all the others that I enjoy and are far too numerous to mention without making this post into a novella, thanks for all the hard work you do and I love your work!

Kara Out ;)


  1. Great caption, Kara! Thanks for the shout out too.

  2. Whatever caused it to happen to her friend......I wish it would happen to me, too. *dreaming*

    Love the Cap. :-)

  3. Another wonderful caption, picture and text in harmony :)