Saturday, 27 July 2013

Ruminations On The Tub

What would you choose?

Ahhhh I love saturdays when I have the house to myself! So peaceful I can do what I want and dress up how I like! Sexy skirts tend not to be an option for me most of the week, and even though I was wearing nothing but cargo shorts, tshirt and an old desert DPM shirt of mine today, I still felt damn sexy! Mind you it could be the weight of the D cup breastforms I own for such occasions pressing against my own tiny tits that's doing that today!
Creativity has been flowing today and I have a whole raft of captions ready to be uploaded now so you won't be going short for a while here! Ok so I should have been working on an exam, but well, I can do that any time and I like having my days off to do fun things!

Thanks to Donna Fox (almost put desert fox lol) and Loki Trickster for their comments :)


  1. I too enjoy that time alone when I can slip on a dress and my temporary boobs.

    Nice cap, and a good choice.

  2. Wonderful job on the writing here.