Monday, 8 July 2013

Would Never Suspect

No one ever thinks its the pretty girl that did it....

Sorry for not having anything up over the last few days. I had a few creative issues over the last few days and had to work over Saturday so my usual working times for captions and story pieces was right out for this week (and next Saturday as well, but at least I'm getting a day's pay for being there!). I've been having issues sleeping of late, either struggling to sleep or sleeping VERY deeply. Mental, but not much I can do about it really.
Anyhoo, despite being really tired and somewhat drunk last night, I did manage to get a couple of captions written. No idea how they turned out though, so what do you think?

Thanks to Pusywillow1950, Ambyr, SP2000, Melina, Bree McAdams, Matt Ingle and Victoria Hyde for their comments :)
Oh if you'd rather I'd use your name (real or assumed, makes no difference to me) when I post these thank you bits, please do post the name you want me to use for you in your post. I only get your blogger username when you post otherwise, the alerts I receive aren't that complex!

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