Tuesday, 30 July 2013

By The Door

How would the recently transformed react to someone trying to enter their domain before they can get their thoughts together? Oh I know that question has been answered a million times in a myraid of ways, but well thought I'd try my own twist on it! I'd think nervousness, terrible shyness and an inability to make your mind up on what to do would be the most likely. Or at least so to my mind!

Thanks to Ambyr, Loki Trickster, Alana TGirl, Linda Marie Daniels and Bree McAdams for all the comments over the last few caps :)

I have to say, the plot I put together for 'An Unexpected Path' was one of my all time favourites from my pieces :)


  1. A very realistic take on how a man might react in this situation with no reason or preparation for a sudden change. Actually very thought provoking. Good CAP. >:)

  2. Nice cap! I agree fully with Loki!