Friday, 27 June 2014

Saving The Next Generation

The Overlady always has an eye towards the future.

Well I might be suffering from another bout of shitty sleep patterns (i'd call it insomnia, but since I do actually sleep some during the night...) but on the plus side it means I have been getting a metric (not yet imperial scale measurements, that'll take some more time) crap ton of captions done. I actually have enough for two weeks without making any more. I haven't been able to produce this much stuff waiting for upload for more than a year and damn it feels good! Feel better if I had more sleep though......

Anyhoo, we're in the final furlong here at the Corner and fast approaching the next set of milestones. If you lovely lot just keep coming and having a look at my caps (comments are nice but don't feel obliged if you don't want to leave one :) ), then the milestone marker cap will be a double whammy and extra long as a result.

See you next time folks!

Thanks to Pusywillow and Leona James Greymist for their comments :)

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