Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Cliches and Reality

As the title says, cliches. I'm as guilty of this pit fall as anyone else. Still meh.

Wow looks like everyone liked my last cap! Think I may have to turn it into a short series!!

Sorry for getting this to you lot late, but I was at the War and Peace show earlier today hunting through the stalls. Not much to really get my fancy (too much nazi and vintage stuff. good but I don't use stuff like that), but got a new daysack and picked up an AK47u for airsoft. Got my fingers crossed I can actually use it in game now......... eeep.

Thanks to David Swanson, Donna (yeah not going to write out your whole name, but its a cool one ;) ), Ian and Ambyr for their comments :)

Ambyr, I happen to be a card carrying member of the International Tease union ;)

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