Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Reader Request 1 - Going Down

Because evil always finds a way ;)

Hey folks, sorry I haven't uploaded in a week. Its just been so damn hot where I am these past days that I haven't been feeling too well and finding it damn hard to concentrate on anything, let along being creative enough to come up with captions. Thankfully its cooled down a little, but hey its summer and I'm stupid enough to go out on long weekend games to run about in the heat lobbing smoke grenades and flashbangs at people. Should be epic though, although you may hear me screaming on the night game i have coming up in a couple of weeks since zombies/drug crazed cannibals may be involved. Note to self, bring spare knickers!!

Anyways, I wanted to get the reader requests that you lot have submitted done and Ian's was up first. Started this one before the temperature increased and only managed to finish it last night so if its a bit weird, thats why. More than a week between starting and finishing it will do that to a plot!

I'll get the others done as soon as and I may continue this anyway, so long as my ideas hold out in this heat!

So till next time sweeties!

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