Thursday, 10 July 2014

Would You Mind

I wonder who could have introduced a plant like this? *hides a copy of the Overlady's Genetic Engineering for Apocalyptic Flora and Fauna behind her back*

Its amazing, I still have a large stock of new captions ready to upload over the coming days, hell I'm good to the week after next so far. Quite surprising to have so many waiting since for the last year or more I've been chasing myself to come up with ideas for captions I could actually give a damn about putting up here. Also have a short story I started on late last week that is almost finished and the next stage for my murder mystery full length novel (since its already at about 19,000 words and five chapters in) is well underway, even if it has been a right bastard to get the final chapter of this instalment written. Perhaps my muse has finally returned and is easing me back into the usual whirlwind that dominates my thoughts. Can but hope!!

Thanks to Ian for his comment on the last cap :) You know, I've only seen like twenty minutes of Born On The Fourth Of July and quite honestly it bored the ever loving shit out of me!! But then thats quite common for 'nam movies if I'm honest. Only 'We Were Soldiers', 'Full Metal Jacket' and 'Good Morning Vietnam' are any good.

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  1. love the caption, have not seen that ivy at the garden centre .
    What about apocalypse now? that's my favourite .