Saturday, 12 July 2014


Good things come to those who wait ;)

Blargh! I hate having to work on Saturdays! So much more insane and this is quite honestly the first chance I've had today to get on here and upload something for you lovely lot. Haven't been able to sit down all morning and there's blood in my coffee stream.
Am I ranting? Maybe a little, but then it is an extra day's pay and with my bills for university starting to emerge I can't ignore that little plus side!! Well I say university bills, more like shoe fund and combat gear for a weekend long game of airsoft in August. Which is looking fucking badass right now since they have stated there will be sentry guns, emplaced LMGs/HMGs, vehicles and the possibility of helicopter insertions to the battlefield. Cannot fucking wait for the AI500!! High heels can wait, I need more guns!!

One thing left to say. Everyone look back up at the caption annnddddd..... dat ass ;)

Laters, sweeties!!


  1. Nice to see some sweet romantic caps to balance the post apocalyptic ones. ;)