Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Common sense and self preservation always fall in the face of hormones

As the last couple of captions have been a little hard to read, both from what I've seen after the fact and from what you guys have said, do you want me to switch away from that font? I've used it several more times in my current stash of caps to be uploaded here, so you wouldn't see it totally gone to about the 4th , but would you lot prefer to see something else to make it easier to read the captions?

Thanks to Ambyr for her comment yesterday :)


  1. I think the font is okay for some of the shorter caps- it has some flow to it. It's just when it has to be smaller, or if the colour doesn't contrast much from the background it gets trickier.

  2. i would not worry about it, i have to zoom most captions anyway Mr magoo has nothing on me,