Thursday, 16 July 2015

Making The Decisions

Sometimes, you want to take charge, other times you want to sit back and let things happen. For those who are tired with their roles, there are ways around it, and this pair have found one way ;)

I'm still experimenting with the type of caption I like to make, and you guys are still seeing those I've made to just try and get my creative side up and running again. I know the style I don't like to produce, namely those in established universes (such as Bikini Beach and Medallion of Zulo) and I'm not a fan of cross dressing plots. Don't get me wrong, when others out there do them well I appreciate their style and what they did to produce the piece, but its not my thing. I personally prefer sci fi, science and tech and post apocalyptic plots the most and then just mixing them up as I like, but well there you go. You can't always work with that as I have found my creative drive dies away and then you get the gaps where no caps come up, so I go through these experimental phases of trying other ideas out, and thus plots like this emerge and my use of tied up (rather than full on bondage because yuck) pictures seems to go on a rise.

Oh well, its nice not to pigeon hole yourself into one theme!!

Thanks to Ambyr for her comment yesterday :)


  1. i think its great to play around with other themes, they sometimes click.
    but also you should always write the captions with themes you want. as if a blog becomes a chore then whats the point.