Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Mark of the Overlady

Do you bear the Mark?

Well said I was trying to do something a bit special! Thanks to you lovely people, this blog has reached over 3.5 MILLION page views!! I feel really humbled that you guys and girls have decided to spend so much of your time to see what I create here for you, and I hope you've enjoyed all the caps I've brought you since I started here just over five years ago now. Wow does time fly!!
I hope you don't mind if I used you in one of the panels, just a bit of fun, and if your name wasn't chosen, don't worry, I still love you too, but if I did that for all my 240 followers or all the commentors, well this would be a stupidly long caption series!!!
So thanks to everyone of you who stops by here and here's to the next milestone!! The Overlady will be waiting ;)

*goes off to do a happy dance*


  1. What a great collection and an honor to be included. Thank you.

  2. Congratulations on the landmark views, Kara. And awesome caption series too! I love me some ladies in latex.