Monday, 17 August 2015

New Life For A Changed World

Life goes on

This was one of those captions where the image came before the story. I saw this one in one of my many image folders and thought it would be great to work with. I knew I wanted it to be about a couple where roles had been reversed somewhat, but as I started to write out the plot, I felt it needed some more fleshing out than just my usual one time only universe I spend building for most of my captions. So I took the universe I built in 'Adapting To The New World' since it was one I had wanted to build more on and voila! This was the result! Hope you lovely lot enjoy it!

Now I need coffee because my brain is yet to get going for the day and keeps trying to half create an idea but just can't seem to finish it or let it go. Urgh mornings....


  1. Great image! Wish those were my breasts and that was my womb. Oh well...

  2. I love TG captions with a lesbian theme, this one is the best (^o^)