Saturday, 1 August 2015

The Morning After

That paycheck will soon vanish on other things I think...

Proof of why I should read through all my caps before I upload them, I noticed the errors in the second to last paragraph just now and I deleted the work file for this already. Damn. Actually I would say this has been a problem since upgrading to the new version of Comic Life after the much lamented laptop wash of last year. It starts autocorrecting words while I'm writing them, and if I miss them it still thinks they are correct even when they totally mess up my sentencing. Why the hell would I need autocorrect in the first place when I have a spellcheck? In fact, why does autocorrect exist in the first place? Whoever designed that feature will be put up against the wall when the revolution comes!!

Anyways, this cap was inspired when the government decided they were going to be cutting the grant part of student financing and make it another loan, just before they decide to give themselves a big pay rise. Bastards. Utter bastards. These are the same pricks who have done absolutely nothing to solve the log jam of traffic in my region thanks to the French and the illegal immigrants across the channel. The only solution they have come up with is to close the motorway in both directions now! Yeah thanks for that!!

Well enough ranting from me! Hope everyone is having a good saturday so far :) Free hugs from me if you are, extra rations if things aren't going so well!!

Thanks to Ian for the comment :)

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