Friday, 12 February 2016

Trophy Dreams

Everyone wants something different out of life.

Wanted to try something a bit different from my normal fare here at the site. This theme is not one I have explored really before (except for specific ones on other sites) and its one I tend to stay away from for a couple of reasons, partly because its one you see a lot of (which was one reason why I started the blog, to create the sort of captions I wanted to see), its also not a theme I particularly enjoy, and its one of the TG/TF themes that seem to be a staple of the community. Why, well there's probably a lot of reasons to explain that, but hey, not a psychologist!

Still I wanted to give it a try and when I saw the image, well the idea popped into my head. What do you guys think of the end result?

Thanks to Funfun74 for the comment :)


  1. For an angle you don't care for it still came out well

  2. i like your blog as it is a different sort of caption. but then again i do enjoy this type as well so best of both worlds.