Saturday, 10 March 2012

Doing The Rounds

Life, warfare and medicine in a post apocalyptic wasteland is never easy, or expectable!

Am I a horrible and evil person? Well yes, but you can't be an evil overlady without breaking a few skulls and tearing off a few kneecaps. Anyways, sorry for not getting any caps up for the last few days, real life kinda came up and kicked me in the teeth with work being really busy and shitty sleep all week (with the same looking set for tonight :( ), but hey I'm still here and you can't say that I don't bring you a wide selection of caps anyways! 
Well, I plan to get a good bunch up today so long as I don't oversleep if I do actually fall asleep at some point, don't end up with ANOTHER crippling headache and in between trying to write a few stories and do the exercise I've been putting off. Well who knows throwing a 10-20 kilo pack on my back and doing a two mile run might break down some of the blocks in my mind and get me writing....

Still I'm hoping I don't end up getting distracted by minecraft or a movie again. Btw, Cowboys and Aliens is a surprisingly good movie.

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