Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Ok so I haven't uploaded any caps for two days. I'm a bad girl and there is already a cue for those wishing to spank me. Of course that is for a different reason ;)

Anyway before I go off on some crazy tangent, just dropping a line here before I do actually make some caps today about the work I have been doing the last couple of days. I've been getting back into doing some proper writing and not just the snap quick caption style I seem to end up doing more and more of recently, and I've been working on finishing one so I can have a sense of acheivement on that front rather than just the dozens of half finished pieces I normally end up with sitting around at the end of a week.

And so, I have managed to finish a story! All The King's Horses is now available to read for free in the library section of Rachel's Haven. A fantasy setting with an animal based transformation, but hey, I was getting bored of doing straight gender changes all the time! If you take the time to read the story, please leave a comment on it as it helps to know if people actually like my full on written work.

I've got another story I'm working on now, just a silly short one, and then I'll probably be doing some captions. After all, I'm getting close to that 300 mark!

Thanks to Tamara, Anne Oni Mouse, Ogrenix and Sedra for their recent comments on my captions :)

Oh and Sedra, I think your arse is just about perfect ;)

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