Friday, 14 September 2012

Adjustments Needed

She might need a new wardrobe, but you have to admit the virus did some nice work on her!

Thanks to Ambyr for the recent comments :)

Sorry I haven't been posting the last few days. I've been kind of stuck in a rut when it comes to creativity, despite having a flurry of ideas for everything from captions to novels and even artwork (very rare for me since I don't think much of my drawing 'skills') I just haven't been able to get anything down on paper be that regular or electronic. That has annoyed me no end which caused another block and its just been like that all week with one thing and another. Irritating but there you go.
Well apart from work still piling up, as always, and university admission stuff being a pain at least I've been able to focus on creating things again and have my own space once more, so here's hoping that I can bring you loads more stuff over the next few days!

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