Sunday, 2 September 2012

In The Beam

Progress always needs people to fall foul of something...

Thanks to Anne Oni Mouse for her comment :)

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  1. Look,
    I like reading your captions, I think they're some of the most creative captions you can read in the TG Community, but I have a big problem with some of them and your blog.
    You make them really hard to read. This caption is a good example of that. While the left part is ok to read, in the right part font and background get to close to each to other.
    The same is true for your blog's font and background color choice.

    Please use applications like these and make your blog a little bit more accessible:

    They help finding colors that have enough contrast ratio to be readable for most people.

    For example:
    Your blog's colors are:
    Front: #FF0E0E
    Back: #14416C
    Their brightness is to close (29/125)
    The color difference is to low (380/500)

    This is something that is easy to fix and doesn't detract from your wonderful captions.

    I don't know how you and your other readers are able to read this without hurting your eyes. You must have Super-Vision or something.