Saturday, 1 September 2012


Hey boys and girls! Another quick update from me to keep you informed about the world of Kara (and not the multitude I create for my fiction pieces or in Minecraft!!!).

My laptop was repaired and even cleaned, so I picked it up a couple of days ago. I've had to do some admin stuff with it in the meantime, but I'm working on new caps now and I'll be bringing you the first of them within the next twenty four hours! I just want to build up a bit of a stock of prepared captions before I start uploading again so I don't run out and have to rush to prepare something. They might be self imposed ones, but I have targets for this blog nevertheless!

On the serial story front, I'm currently building up the ideas for what I'll produce here. Now while I have a couple of plans, is there anything you lot would particularily like to see? For examples of what I write, just go and check out the library section of Rachel's Haven (link on the side panel) and pick up my name in the author's listing. You'll know its me because I'm the only one with more than sixty pieces uploaded!!!

Since I'm also the newest librarian there, I doubly suggest you go and check it out. I don't strut about in knee high boots, a short leather miniskirt and a steampunk corset for nothing you know!

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