Saturday, 15 December 2012

Behind The Mask

You just can't trust anyone in foreign places can you?

Thought I'd make a sort of follow on to the cap 'Unbelievable' I made a while back. I enjoyed writing that one and creating its universe and this image just reminded me of it when I uncovered it, so yeah, it all went together nicely!
So I hope you're all having a good December so far and are getting into the festive spirit. I certainly am getting into the spirits after I read through a Steampunk drinks book!
Sorry that I haven't got any captions up the last couple of days. I didn't have much free time during the day and I've come down with a pretty bad cold which is just sapping what energy I have left. Managed to write this one after three hours sleep last night so if its a bit weird, I'll blame it on that!
So till next time, chins up and get ready to use tinsel as a scarf!

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