Sunday, 2 December 2012

The New Ruler - 1,000,000 Views And 400 Caps!

Bow before your mistress, The Overlady rules all!!!

That's right boys and girls!! We reached the target of one million views to this site! I love you all!!!! Its soo seriously awesome to see that number on my dashboard and its thanks to you lot coming along here to get there!

This is also the four hundredth original caption here so its a doubly awesome post!!

So to mark this, here are a few stats for you.......

The highest pageviews by month was April this year at 79,264. Its quite funny to look at the monthly all time stat list since I can mark every time I was away on a course or deployed by the number of pageviews taken that particular month. That's real life for you, what a bitch!

The highest number of views at a given time was 385 at 22:00 on the 19th of August. There might have been higher ones, but that is the highest I've managed to record since blogger doesn't track stats like that.

The top referring URL was World Of TG coming in at 95,508 with TGcomics coming in second with 30,820

The top referring site was once again World Of TG with 104,047 hits, but SP2000's blog took second place here with 32,607 and TGcomics sliding in just behind with 30,468. Big numbers all round!!

The United States had the most visitors to my little site with 594,928 recorded hits and my own United Kingdom coming in second with 90,830 and Germany in third place with 70,811. I'm sure I could make some dirty and generally tasteless jokes about this......

I think that's enough stats for now, but lets just say that I think you're all awesome for helping to make this site a success and you all get a golden sticker from me!! It has a smiley face on it ;)

Finally, thanks to Ambyr for her comments on the last couple of captions. Big hugs for you hun!


  1. Congratulations on both milestones, Kara! Here's to another million views and another 400 captions!

  2. yayyyyyyyyy!!! you go girlfreind!!! soooooooooo proud of you. congrats sweetie. huggggggggggggggs Sedra.