Saturday, 27 April 2013

Lake Of Rebirth

Sometimes you just need to connect with nature and get away from it all

Well I was falling a bit behind again, so I've spent most of the time I've been awake working on a mass of new captions for you all to enjoy. Seven (including this one) made so far today. Sweet Goddess its good to feel creative again!

Hope you all enjoy the batch of six I'll be uploading today, and I'll continue to bring you around 3 a day till I meet my goal of 500 originals. Might even see if I can do a run too 600 after that.....

In fact do you lot want to see me do some kind of challenge here? A particular theme or series? If so just place it in the comments, and in fact I might try messing around with the settings here and see if I can't get a vote function up and running to see what you lot would like to see. So till the next upload, take it easy boys and girls!

Thanks to Ambyr and Kyde Hyde for their comments on the last cap :)

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