Thursday, 25 April 2013

Learning To Love It

Sometimes a change of perspective is just what you need.

Oddly enough, I wished this had happened to me while I was at school. I always hated it since it was just so damn dull and being a sexy teacher would have made my day much more interesting!!

Well folks, today you're going to get a veritable flood of captions today since I was unable to work on anything yesterday since I was down with a crippling migraine all day. I've still got it, but at least I can actually think a bit now. Six captions written so far, so well on track for the Seven Day Challenge!

My personal life has taken yet another change of direction so saving long explanations, I'm now single once more and back to my old tricks as a crazy lesbian. So yeah, this bitch is back.

Thanks to my big sis Sedra and Kitey Kat for their comments on the last cap :)


  1. Hope the migraine goes away. I know how rough those can be.

    I'd have loved getting the body but I doubt I'd have wanted a baby to take care of all of a sudden like that

  2. Thanks hun, its better now.

    Well babies can be fine, but hey call it a quirk of mine. I'd quite like to end up caring for a baby just like that :)

  3. Loved this cap! Outstanding job, Kara.

    This kind of thing might have made my high school experience a lot better than it was.