Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Where Its Needed

Because sometimes you just have to kick the door in.

Right now since I feel asleep early last night but couldn't get my thoughts together to work on anything when I woke up half way through the night, and wasn't able to work on anything during the day today (partly because I was absorbed in the the book 'Afgantsky') we're going for a rush to midnight to make the last few needed caps to make the five hundred. Shall we see if I can do it?

In other news, I got a new steampunk skirt through today, my latest airsoft weapon and a sexy pair of boots are in the mail, and I passed my first assignment on my latest course for my degree with a score of 80%!! Pretty good day!!

Thanks to Ambyr, Alana Tgirl, SP200 and Kitey Kat for their comments on the last cap :)


  1. Love this one! Great story, funny in just the right parts, and it gives me David Bowie flashbacks! How you managed to get through it without making a pun of the word "knockers" I'll never know.

  2. Definitely reminds me of the babe.