Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Smart Girl's Revenge

Never mess with the smart girl.....

Thanks to Ambyr for her comment on the last cap :)

I'm sorry that the caps are coming in dribs and drabs right now, I'm having issues trying to find not only the time to work on them but the inspiration too. I'm working to build up a bit of a stock at the moment, so I'll be trying to bring you new pieces as and when I can. Might be a little slow, since I have a psychology test to work on first....


  1. Ah, beauty and brains. While I love the brain drain caps, it's always nice to see victims get their revenge as well.

  2. Ah, Leanna Decker. I just discovered her today and was very pleased to see her in your caption. And indeed, the caption itself was very well written. Kudos all around!

  3. revenge always the best, giggle, great work sis, hugs Sedra.