Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Deal With It All Later

This particular school has invested in a whole new building for its Gender Studies department as a result of what goes on inside the grounds of the campus.

Hey folks, hope you don't mind a new anime style caption. I had a bunch of ideas pop up for the images I have stocked up for this type of image (happens to be my smallest folder overall. One of my regular photo folders has over 1,100 images in it waiting to be used), so while I have a couple heading your way, well they are outnumbered by the normal sort.
What do you all think of using anime images in captions? Better than normal? Less than? I'd love to know your thoughts on this one, so if you feel like it, please put them down in the comments section :). Tempted to do more here under captions in the future, but well, how much of my ramblings do you really want to see? I think other blogs are able to do the talking bit far more effectively than I can.

Anyhoo, till next time, keep watching those skies citizens!!

Thanks to Ambyr and Bree McAdams for their comments on the recent captions :)

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