Friday, 25 April 2014

Don't Get Mad, Get Even

Pregnant revenge cap anyone?

Whoops sorry bit late on the update today. Had to deal with another crazy uni related email and all that entails. Hard science courses seem to be causing me more trouble than the course I actually want to do! More expensive too.......

Anyway, revenge cap!


  1. A great revenge caption. I think that I am becoming to like pregnancy photos.
    it must be your persuasion.

  2. Another winner... CGI images have the advantage of realizing what is very difficult to show with photography e.g. larger females and smaller, sexy, breastfeeding, pregnant males. Females provide eggs males provide sperm. All other sex related features are can be and probably have changed somewhere, some time in nature. Now vaginas grown with the hosts tissues are have been created and insects have been found in Brazil where the females have penis like organs and males have vagina like organs. So, a world where bigger females ca be bread winning husbands and smaller males are can be forced into the role of a pleasing, breast feeding, breeding, nurturer can come a live with computer generated imagery. One scenario for the future is certainly a vision where all the varieties of our dreams and identities can co-exist. Bur, then maybe not. First dreams then, maybe, reality.