Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Odd Contractual Conditions

Jobs always have weird requirements....

The fourth in the Texting series, I just wanted to use a different title this time out!

Thanks to Ambyr, Ian and Pusywillow for their comments :) I'll be considering the use of tags.


  1. Just the job I want. I will be happy in the future to serve a rising female executive/professional who feels breastfeeding, gestation, and satisfying the regular sexual needs of a lover are for weak males who should be put in their place when confronted with the natural superiority of a genetic woman.

  2. On second thought, it is never very smart to imagine a fantasy as destiny. Who knows what the future holds. Change prob. But perhaps the change will allow different ways to be male and female to co-exist. Incentives for a different male role to be allowed and desired by many seem to have an unstopable momentum. For example, a highly regarded study found a direct relationdhip between the length of breast feeding and improved adult health and longevity. Now there is no complete substitue for human bresst milk. Some Professional women who are better educated and earning more than their husbsnds may seek a spouse who will take on the job extending for years per child as a stay at home spouse irresistable and respectful of their place and power in society. But while this may lead to more options will that change replace the old roles or just co-exist? Will there be a struggle and or a back lash? Does it have to be one or the other???