Saturday, 26 April 2014

Secret Diary of a Transformative Call Girl

No job is ever all that easy....

Saw the photo for this one and was like 'hey I can subvert the expected!' and well the rest of the story developed from there!

Sorry that there wasn't a post this morning, i had to head up to Cambridge for a uni open day and only got back a short while ago. After being on a train from my home town all the way there reminds me why I love my car!!!

Thanks to Ambyr, pgh pregfan, Ian, ryan and pusywillow for their comments and extra thanks to pusywillow for her long reply to a question I had posed in an earlier cap :)
While it might not seem like it, since I only usually put the thanks sentence at the bottom of each post, I do actually read through every comment that gets posted here and I value each one since you lovely lot have taken the time to respond to what I have put out. So thanks again for all the comments and keep them up! All bloggers love to see response to their work, lets us know if we're on the right track and our work is hitting the spot :)

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  1. love this one. I can shape shift. really. the more chocolate I eat the bigger I get.