Sunday, 7 August 2011


... is sometimes all you need.

I had to change my usual style for this caption, simply because the story ran away with me. I had intended this to be a small cap, but the text just kept growing and growing till it achieved critical mass and developed a lifeforce of it's own. I had to beat it back into submission though ;)
This is pretty much a one off on format and I'll go back to the usual method for the next one, mainly because I don't like the way I've had to set this one out. Downside to only having a single image for the idea in the mind.

Sorry this appeared so late today, and will probably be the only one before midnight (since that would become a monday upload obviously) since I only have fifteen minutes left. I was out all morning and for much of the afternoon having a picnic with my folks and some people they know after we had all been clay pidgeon shooting. Mind you, I won the competition and got myself a small bottle of wine and a trophy :) When I got back, I was somewhat exhausted an nodded off for a few hours, so no caps made during that time!

Sorry about not getting two up a day recently, the idea box has been running a little dry of late since I never used to make so many caps all the time and didn't want to fall into bog standard styles you see everywhere in this community. I want to keep things fresh here, using my own take on things and creating my own universes to use. You are therefore unlikely to ever see a Great Shift, Medallion Of Zulo, MAU or Bikini Beach cap here. Instead, you get my own branch of crazy, so I hope you keep coming here, viewing my stuff and leaving comments on the pieces you like :)

Till next time, sweeties!

Thanks to Sedra, SP200, Alectra, Lady Alexia, Leonides and Linda Marie Daniels for your comments. Big hug for each of you :)

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  1. Been following for a while, but lost my google login info. I missed viewing your very well done captions when TF-media went down.

    I like the fact that you don't try to shoehorn into some already established world and try to keep your captions either self-contained or fresh.

    The Reading Room > Great Shift anyway. :)