Friday, 26 August 2011

The Seep

The problem with not writing caps for a few days is that inspiration tends to go awry. I've been stuck for ideas somewhat and well this is just a perfect example of the problem I've been having. I just wasn't happy with my first attempt for this (the cap below) so thought I'd give it another shot. Still not perfectly happy with it, though.
So thought I'd bring you both and see which one you lot think is better.


  1. I like the back ground color and the text color on the upper picture, as it's easier to read and enjoy than the lower picture. The black to white gradual change on the lower picture makes the pink text hard to read in places, where the slightly pink text on a blue-to-red gradual change is much easier to read.

    The lower picture, however, I think is a nicer transformation cap in it's own right. The upper picture is more of a prologue and warning to future events and changes, when the lower picture is more transformation, and mid-event.

    I think that my response would be: I like the upper picture from a design point, but I think that the bottom pic is the better caption.

  2. The bottom caption for its writing is good, but the top caption does have the better background.