Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Web

I can't believe I'm having to do this now, but every caption I make from now on will include a watermark to fully identify it as mine.
This comes around because it was brought to my attention that someone had stolen a caption of mine and uploaded it to deviantart as their own work. Further checks on their gallery has shown that they have stolen other people's work as well (SP2000, one of your pieces is up there too hun).
So thanks to one person's despicable actions, it feels as if the essence of my work is going to be ruined.
To the person who did this. you're on the list now. Sleep with one eye open,  you bastard.


  1. Its okay Kara you can relax now. I don't really now how I would react, but surely more or less like you. Given that coming with such a piece takes around 1 hour or 1 day or a whole week of process while doing a cap, its really painful to see someone trying to steal your work...
    Okay the pic's are not yours, but the text is nothing but yours >->

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. I'm still going to gut them. It takes enough effort to make a single caption, let alone working on enough for a whole site and for someone to just come along, steal them and present them as their own work just pisses me off.
    So I'm spending time when I could be doing something else building a logo for my caps. I just don't have time for this sort of shit this week.

  3. I'm happy that you found out before MORE of your work was stolen. Intellectual property fights always kill even the stoutest of artistic muses.

    I remember this one webcomic that I visited when it was active; it was a pixel art webcomic.

    The difference between pixel art and sprite comics is that his pixel art is custom and hand made, rather than ripped from famous video games. He had is pixel art stolen, used as avatars by an avatar site and reported it to another certain *famous* webcomic forums to ask them to remove them.

    Without going into details, he got dejected from the lack of sympathy and quit making his comic.

    My point is this: I'd hate to see you stop doing caps or stories because of some lazy deviant art douchie.

  4. Who did it, dear?

    Personally I'd just steal their captions right back. But they probably don't have anything worth the time or trouble if they're lifeless enough to look for work to steal.

  5. Yes, name please. I want to make sure none of my stuff has been stolen. I just recently started putting my handle onto my captions, but not for any defensive reason. More of a preemptive strike as it were.

  6. well hun thats just wrong and i feel so bad for you. but the bright side is that your work is so good, that they feel the need to steal from you. they are just a wannabe, but i will always know your work is your work, hang in there girlfreind hugggggggg