Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Because I've Got A Red Ticket

Would you refuse?

Now here is something for you. A lot of these gender transformations we end up creating involve a sudden sensation of dizziness and disorientation. Why is this? Does the Semi circular canals (the bit of the inner ear that deals with balance for those of you who don't know and don't worry I won't be going into a full clinical description of them, unless you want me to of course!) have something to do with gender changes? Or is it just artistic license on the part of those of us who write these things?

Thanks to ogrenix for the continued comments :) Always good to have response to the work you create :)


  1. wow realy cool cap hun, loved it! you write so well, so much talent i envey you. giggle. and wow i thought i had big boobs. lol. hugs Sedra.

  2. Good caption.

    To answer your inquiry: It's probably just artistic license, but I guess you could say that it's from the sudden shifting of balance, center of gravity, and general skeletal structure changes. Could be that the inner ear just makes us mistake it's transformation between the gender as disorientation or dizziness as it too is changing, but we have no way to really interpret it's shifting or moving, but as those aforementioned effects.

    TL;DR: An overlady did it.

  3. Excellent plot for the image!

    As for the dizziness/disoriented thing, I'm not sure why I've included that description in some of my captions. I just figure it's part of the magic. Interesting subject to bring up.