Monday, 2 January 2012

Hook, Line And Bustier

Never mess with an evil woman. It won't end well for you.

Was going to make this a general sort of TG one, but where the transformation victim gets their own back, but as I started to write it, the idea that it was a woman changed physically to be more fitting with the captor's desires just kinda grew. I'm pretty happy with the final result on this one, but what do you think?

Thanks to Evie, Alectra and Hrdknight for their comments on the last caption :) Its nice to see my work is going over well, especially those ones I'm not sure about when I post them!


  1. Brilliant caption! She's gonna manipulate him into being exactly where she wants him and take control, what a hot Mistress she will make. Superb picture and really good caption, listening to her gloat about how easy it is to control men is hawt!

  2. WOWOWOWOWOW! that was an amazing reading Kara... who said you didn't like mistress types *giggle*

    You are fucking amazing at driving a dark storyline... you just put me to shame! *giggle*

    Really loved this one, redheadie!!!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. Awesome story, the line about the midlife crisis mobile is classic! Loved the inner dialog about her plans and how she prevailed. I think our guy will end up being what he desired for her. Did I almost forget to mention that the picture is fantastic!

  4. Is this the story of the Evil Overlady?

    I like caps with inner dialog. It can tell so much. Sometimes it shows who really is in control; the body or the mind.

    Nice work, Kara.