Monday, 6 February 2012

Every Glimpse Costs

Four caps in a day? Not often you get to see this level of creativity from my caption making is it? ;)
Ah I do love bursts of inspiration, just soo much fun! You might even get more from me today as well!

Thanks to Ogrenix for the comment on the last caption. And yes, I did like writing that one. I can be a romantic sometimes ;) And as for the amount of comments you make, well its nice to see you like my work so much :)


  1. Crafty crafty chum.

    Good Cap, really fits the eavesdropping picture and I wasn't expecting the end. Looks like this one was a stroke of ingenuity. :)

    I try to comment when I can, and now that I've rebuilt my own computer and finally got all my parts in order and installed I can do it more reliably.

  2. and since I can't edit, I'll just add this comment here:

    I've been a fan of your work since tf-media. I posted on a few of your caps there and was glad to see you find a new home once that site was shut down.