Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Is This What You Wanted To See?

Well while this one was always meant to be a revenge caption, it kinda got darker as I was writing it. Oh well inspiration comes as it will!

Sorry about no caps on Tuesday. Had some critical idea failure on them, but then I was at work and had spent most of the day reading the current book in the Honour Harrington series I'm on and finding out information about paramedic courses. Girl has to have a goal you know!

And thanks once more to my stalwart commenter, Ogrenix :)


  1. "Stalwart". I accept that. :)
    Bit of coincidence since I play a tank in WoW. XD.

    In regards to the cap; A great picture with a lovely lady (at least she can take solace in the fact that she's attractive and has her mind and personality, albeit a bit soured, in tact.) and a plan in place.

    Gotta love it when a girl knows what she wants.

  2. Oh, btw, I went to Rachel's Haven and did one of the dice games, and posted a story that kinda grew out of hand if you want to check it out.

    I'm no super-awesome writer, but you can't help when the mind starts to wonder.